Step 1 :

Login / Register on the platform

Step 2 :

A Blockpass pop-up window opens after login.

If the window does not open, click on the « Complete your KYC with our partner Blockpass Identity » banner at the top of your screen.

To proceed, grab your passport or ID card, then click on « Start ».

Step 3 :

Fill in your e-mail address and click on « Continue ».

Step 4 :

A unique login link will be sent to you by email.

Open your mailbox, and follow the link to start the login process.

It is best to open the link with a smartphone if you do not have a webcam on your computer.

Step 5 :

Select the document you wish to submit for verification.

Step 6 :

Activate the camera on your device by clicking on « Launch Camera ».

Step 7 :

Take a picture of your ID or Passport, then take a picture of yourself by clicking on « Take a Picture ».

Take care to check that photos are not blurred or exposed to light reflections to shorten processing time.

This step allows the Blockpass algorithm to verify that you are the owner of the document provided.

Step 8 :

Complete and verify the information available on this screen.

Once verified, validate the information by submitting it for verification by clicking on « Save ».

The submission is now complete.

The verification of your profile by Blockpass can take between 5 minutes and 48 hours depending on the traffic and the clarity of the documents provided.

If you are still unable to submit to KYC, you can contact us by sending an email to [email protected]