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At Quertix, we connect ethical and responsible worldwide brands with engaged consumers.

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Committed consumers,
Make conscious purchases.

Finding out about brands can be a long and tedious process. It’s not easy to see through all the labels, standards and misleading communications!

When you decide to buy, we show you the real impact of brands on the world with our impact score. It’s easy to compare!

Responsible companies,
Promote your positive actions

It’s not always easy to change the game, especially in a world where bigger, less responsible brands monopolise the media.

With Quertix, you promote your brand and your positive initiatives to consumers who share your values.

Together, let’s create a virtuous economy based on blockchain.

Quertix is based on blockchain, a technology that guarantees the traceability and objectivity of information for greater transparency.

We have also imagined BEEP, the first responsible and remunerative cryptocurrency to allow our committed consumers to buy more virtuously and cheaper!

They are supporting us

“For me, buying is a civic act.”

I am sensitive to the people around me on a daily basis and work to promote local businesses.

With Quertix, I can make sure that what I consume is in line with my philosophy and gives strength to companies with little visibility due to lack of financial means, but with projects in line with the environment.

Maxime, 31.


They are supporting us

“For me, buying is a civic act.”

No more cheating with greenwashing. Frédéric Chauvat and his team have grasped blockchain technology and put it to work for the consumer and the planet.

Quertix is a transparent, ergonomic and useful tool for the common good, and therefore an obvious choice for me.

Johan, 38.


Our mission
Valuing the actors of the transition to a better world

At Quertix, we help consumers make informed decisions and support companies that have decided to produce with people, the environment, respect and transparency at the heart of their decisions.

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